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Visiting Specialists

Specialist care for you

Your medical concerns may require a specialist opinion and here at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice in Glenelg we have a growing list of specialists available for consultation. A specialist refers to an expert within a particular profession, and during their consultation they can assess your health concerns and recommend a particular treatment plan.

We believe in providing the best services for our patients

Providing quality care and high standards is of upmost importance to us here at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice. Along with our team of general practitioners and nurses we also employ a team of allied health professionals and visiting specialists. We are always welcoming to new specialists and encourage experts in their field to join the Bayside team. For our patients looking for high quality treatment, you can rest assured knowing that we can find a qualified professional to treat your health needs.

Are you a specialist looking for more work?

We invite experts and specialists in the Glenelg area to consider spending time with us at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice. Our practice is extremely flexible for hours and can work with your schedule to develop working hours that best suit you. If you are a specialist in your field and spending time working with our practice is something you would be interested in please don’t hesitate to contact us today.


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7 Brighton Road, Glenelg, SA, 5045
(08) 8295 1890

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