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Regular Checks

Get your body professionally assessed

To keep your body  healthy we encourage everyone to visit Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice for their regular checkup. Often people feel uncomfortable, embarrassed or awkward about visiting a doctor. It is our goal to make our patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We recommend that you regularly visit your GP for; general health checks, vaccinations, baby immunisations, pap smears, prostate checks, cancer and blood checks.

Prevention is the best medicine

We can’t tell on our own what’s going on inside our bodies just by how we feel or look. Which is why visiting a GP can be so important, your regular health checkups can detect the onset of illness and treat it before it becomes more severe.

We encourage patients to take their health seriously, if something doesn’t feel quite right we still recommend talking to your doctor about it, even if you don’t feel ill or unwell. Patient’s shouldn’t feel embarrassed about their health concerns and should listen to their body because something you think is minor could be a warning sign for a greater condition or illness.

Our General Practitioners (GPs) services

When you visit for a general checkup you will visit one of our skilled, experienced general practitioners who will assess your body. Our GPs service include:

Our General Practitioner services include:

  • Insurance reports
  • STI screening
  • Work medicals
  • Work cover
  • Musculoskeletal medicine
  • ECG – heart checks
  • Men’s Health
  • Preventive Health
  • Travel medicals
  • Driver’s License assessment
  • Pap smears
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Minor skin surgery
  • Women’s Health
  • Contraception
  • Children and Adolescent Health
  • Skin checks
  • Prescriptions

Visit our professionals at Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice

Our team of highly trained professionals will treat you with care and respect during your general health check up. Our in-office doctors are available to treat your general health needs and if further tests and treatment is needed our allied health system can ensure we find the care your require. Our team will respect your privacy while working with your to achieve the best results for your health.

We offer full family care

We encourage patients to bring their entire family into Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice to have everyone treated under the same roof. For the young ones going to the doctors for the first time it can often be an overwhelming experience, so having a doctor that everyone feels comfortable with can be beneficial for everyone. When treating your children we aim to make their visit extra special and educational to help explain the importance of visiting the doctor. It’s important to feel comfortable with your general practitioner which is why here at Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice our group of doctors, nurses and visiting specialists will do whatever we can to ensure your comfort and wellbeing.

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7 Brighton Road, Glenelg, SA, 5045
(08) 8295 1890

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