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Allied & Visiting Specialists

Maintaining high standards

Our goal at Bayside Family Medical & Musculoskeletal Practice is to give a high standard of medical care for you and your family. To ensure we can maintain high standards with the best medical professionals we have aligned ourselves with a variety of health experts. Our team of allied health professionals help ensure that whatever your health concern, we will have a professional to treat you. Our list of highly qualified allied health professional includes:


Mahesh Kuppusamy – Physiotherapist

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

  • Monday morning and afternoon
  • Wednesday afternoon
  • Thursday morning
  • Friday morning
  • Saturday morning

No referral required

Services Provided

Mahesh has been helping the people of Glenelg feel better and get stronger since 2014. Mahesh completed his Bachelors Degree in 1999 and has extensive experience both in India and Australia, helping clients with varied clinical needs ranging from 6 years to 96 years.
Mahesh’s special interest is developing individualised programs to help you be the best version of you. He is able to help with muscle and ligament strains, imbalances, musculoskeletal and sports medicine problems. He can also treat vertigo and tempero mandibular joint issues. He has extensive experience in work cover and motor vehicle accident problems.
He has completed advanced courses in Gerontological Physiotherapy helping older people with falls, balance, continence, improving quality of life, mobility and general physical fitness.
Mahesh’s interest include cricket, wild life photography, flying light aircraft, horology (the study of time pieces) and philosophy.


Gowri Ravikumar - Physiotherapist

Gowri consults at Bayside

  • Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Phone 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

Services Provided

Gowri has joined Mahesh Kuppusamy at the Bayside location of SA Physiotherapy and between them they offer an complete range of physiotherapy services.
Gowri has a special interest in women’s and men’s pelvic health physiotherapy, including incontinence issues, general post-surgical bladder and bowel training, pelvic floor function and pre and post-natal care.
She is also interested in musculoskeletal injury treatment, sports medicine, worker’s compensation injury, recovery, employment and residential ergonomic assessments.
Do you want help to improve your yoga positions?
Both Gowrie & Mahesh have a special interest in helping you with those too.

Gowrie is an experienced caring practitioner with a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy from India in 2000 and a post-graduate Masters in Physiotherapy from University of South Australia in 2007.
In addition to over 10 years of clinical practice, both in India and Australia, Gowri has extensive experience in the management of work-place injuries and developing management strategies with an emphasis on rehabilitation programs, individually tailored to the needs of patients.
Gowri has keen interest in cooking, painting and used to dabble in glass painting and oil painting.


Quoc Anh Pham - Podiatrist Bachelor of Podiatry

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

  • Monday: 9.00 – 5.00 pm
  • Thursday: 9.00 – 6.00
  • Saturday: 10.00 – 12.00 pm alternate weeks

No referral required for podiatry consults unless the patient wants to be bulk billed under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care program or under the Department of Veteran Affairs ‘gold card’ scheme.


  • Initial consults: $75
  • Repeat consults: $65

HICAPS machine is available for instant claiming from private health providers.

Bulk Billing (no gap payment) is available for Medicare and Department of Veteran Affairs clients under the following circumstances:

  • Medicare bulk billing is only available for patients who qualify under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program and bring along the appropriate doctor’s EPC referral form.
  • Department of Veteran Affairs patients with a ‘gold card’ are bulk billed provided they have a D904 referral form from their corresponding doctor.

Services Provided

General feet care

  • Nail trimming
  • Corn and callus removal
  • Fungal nail management
  • Wart removal
  • Toe nail surgery for management of in-growing toe nails
  • Diabetes foot health risk assessment and foot care education
  • Assessment of foot and leg pain including biomechanics and gait review of sports related injuries
  • Foot orthoses fabrication fully customised to individual foot moulds
  • Readjustment of old orthoses or off the shelf orthoses
  • Foot mobilisation and dry needling of the lower limb
  • Prolotherapy


Clinpath Pathology

Mandy Humphery - Clinpath Nurse Enrolled Nurse / Phlebotomist Certificate 4 in aged care and community services Taught Certificate 3 at Panorama TAFE

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

Clinpath Pathology collection centre within Bayside is open:

Monday – Friday: 8.30 to  2.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am to 12.00pm.

No appointment is necessary but a referral from a doctor is required, unless otherwise specified by Doctor.


Concessional patients will be bulk billed and will not receive an account from Clinpath Laboratories.

Non-concessional patients may be privately billed and receive an account. Fees are based on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. When you have paid your account you can submit the receipt to Medicare to claim the rebate

Services Provided

Whilst the majority of our tests are from blood samples, other tests may be performed on samples of tissue, urine, stools (faeces) or other body fluids and secretions. A blood test involves taking blood from a vein in your arm. Our specimen collection staff are extensively trained in this skill. All of our equipment is sterile.

It is vital that we make sure all of your personal details are correct. Our staff will ask for your name and date of birth and they will also check your contact details, the doctor’s details and other questions that are specific to the testing. Please let our staff know if you are on a pension or Health Care card. Once your details have been confirmed, the specimen collector will examine your arm to find a suitable vein. If you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to inform our collector. You may prefer to lie down if you are feeling faint or nervous. Once a suitable vein is found, the collector will cleanse the skin with an alcohol swab and then insert a sterile needle into your vein to obtain the sample.

Different tubes are required for different types of tests, so there may be more than one tube of blood collected. All tubes will be labelled with your name and date of birth. After the blood has been drawn and the needle has been removed, pressure should be applied to the site to minimise bleeding. A cotton wool ball and/or Band-Aid will be applied. If you are aware of any allergic reactions to alcohol swabs or tapes please let our collector know and we will find an alternative. It is important that you avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise for one hour following test to avoid bruising or bleeding.

Mandy enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and being creative in the kitchen. She also enjoys writing poems and short stories. She enjoys acquiring a greater knowledge on her own and her family’s health and fitness.

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Jane Richards - Clinical Psychologist

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

Dr Richards consults on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.
Referrals from a GP are required.


$195.00 paid on the day with a Medicare rebate of $124.50 leaving an out of pocket expense of $70.50.

Pensioners, Health Care card holders and children with a mental health care plan will be bulk billed.

Services Provided

Dr Jane Richards is an experienced clinical psychologist who provides specialist services to adults and children for a wide-range of common psychological issues. These include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, pain management, traumatic experiences, relationship concerns, workplace matters, school-related issues and life-stage stressors.

Dr Dasha Bliss - Clinical Psychologist B.Psych(Hons), MPsych(Clin), PhD

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

Dr Bliss consults in person on Tuesday mornings and via telehealth on Thursday mornings from 9.00am to 11.00am.

Sessions are 50 mins in duration.


Patients on a health care card, or pensioner card and children will be bulk billed.

Others pay $180 up front but get a rebate of $124.50 from Medicare leaving a gap of $55.50 as the out of pocket expense.

Services Provided

Dr Bliss provides evidence-based psychological treatment for issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Work Stress
  • Stress Management & Relaxation
  • Self-Esteem & Confidence
  • Sleep Issues
  • Disordered Eating
  • Body Image & Weight Loss
  • Grief & Loss
  • Living With Medical Conditions
  • Anger Management
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Personal Growth & Life Goals

She has experience providing psychotherapy in the public, private and community sectors, including in remote areas and conducting e-therapy. During personalised sessions, a flexible treatment plan is developed using evidence-based therapies and techniques, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Relaxation Techniques. Building a caring, supportive relationship helps clients manage difficulties and develop resilience and appropriate skills to meet their needs. Clients are invited to provide feedback on their treatment and progress.

Please note that Dr Bliss does not offer therapy for WorkCover / Return To Work, Third Party, legal or Department of Veteran Affairs matters.

Facial Rejuvenation Therapist

RN Stephanie Wyld - Facial Rejuvenation Therapist

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

Stephanie consults Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings


Will depend on the treatment plan required

Book in at the desk or phone 8295 1890 now for your Free Consult with Stephanie

Services Provided

Stephanie brings to us 32 years experience as a registered nurse, 10 years experience and advanced training in cosmetic therapy. Up to date with the latest techniques and utilising intradermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, lip and volume enhancement products. Stephanie also provides a free initial assessment and can provide advice on all areas of skin care. She is also providing the newest rejuvenation tools – platelet rich plasma therapy and skin needling treatments with Dermapen4.


Angela Jillard - Acupuncturist - BHSc {Acu]

Consulting Hours at Bayside Family & Musculoskeletal Practice:
(By Appointments Only)
Ring (08) 8295 1890 to make an appointment.

Saturdays mornings (appointments required)



  • $80 Initial. 60 minutes
  • $65 Follow up. 45 minutes

(private Health rebateable – amount depends on Health fund)

Services Provided

Angela trained in Adelaide in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture (pain relieving treatment using needles on pressure points). Some of the benefits know from this unique treatment includes:

  • Chronic Fatigue, Improving immunity, colds, flu’s, hay fever,
  • Depression, anxiety, emotional issues,
  • Pain management,  muscle aches, sciatica,
  • Fertility, pregnancy nausea, milk supply,
  • Headaches, migraines,
  • Cosmetic, shallow wrinkles, weight loss
  • Skin disorders, Eczema
  • Digestive issues


Dr Alicia Innis - MBBS FRACP

Dr Innis consults at Bayside the first Wednesday of the month.

Services Provided

Dr Innis is a geriatrician (doctor that specialises in caring for older people).
She visits Bayside to improve access to specialist care for older people in the area. She provides comprehensive, compassionate and quality care to older people.
Particular interests include memory assessment, medication review and falls assessments.
She also holds a Clinical Diploma in Palliative Medicine from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians.

Referrals from a GP are required.

Bookings are made by Dr Innis’ own offices, contact 08 8398 1491 for more information or to book an appointment.



Brenda Tay - BND

Brenda consults at Bayside fortnightly of a Monday afternoon.


EPC referral:
Initial consult $110 [rebate $54.60] Gap $55.40
Subsequent consult $69.60 [rebate $54.60] Gap $15.00

Initial 45 min $140
Initial 45 min with meal plan $190
Subsequent 30 min $90

Bulk Bill – no gap

Services Provided

Brenda is a qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian from Sustainable Nutrition and Member of the Dietitians Australia.

Brenda has a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and a special interest in paediatrics, chronic disease, weight management and helping patients improve their health through nutrition.

Brenda is passionate about helping clients achieve their health goals by working together to make realistic and sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle. She strongly believes that there is not a “one size fits all” approach to this and thinks it is important to tailor nutrition advice to your individual needs.

– Individualised food and nutrition advice
– Taking into consideration client’s medical, lifestyle and family needs to ensure sustainable changes
– Assess and evaluate clients regularly to review if plans are working for them.

Services Provided

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Daniel Haebich - BA, BSW, AMHSW

Daniel consults weekly of a Monday.


Patients with a Health Care card can be bulk billed.
Those on a Mental Health Care Plan who are employed will have a gap payment of $50.

Services Provided

Evidence-based psychological services providing treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, stress management & relaxation, self-esteem & confidence, grief & loss, anger management, traumatic experiences, personal growth & life goals.

Services Provided

MicroClear Ears - Microsuction

Kathy Mitchell - ASM AdvDipPSc, BHlthSc, BNur, GradDipHSM, MNur(NP), MScMed(PainMgt). Nurse Practitioner (General Practice)

Kathy consults at Bayside on Friday mornings

Referrals are not required.


Ear examination, consultation & treatment
Standard appointment, 20 minutes: $110

Ear examination, consultation & treatment – with Pension card, Healthcare Card or DVA: $100

Services Provided

Micro-suction is a gentle, professional, water-free way to remove ear wax, dry skin or infection. It is the preferred method used by Ear, Nose & Throat specialist doctors alike, without the need for a referral.

The procedure is a specialised technique guaranteed to clear ears gently and safely without water syringing, and is done by a qualified and experienced nurse practitioner.

Micro-suction is great for;

The removal of earwax
Clearing blocked ears
Maintenance for people wearing hearing aids
Clearing ear wax before hearing tests
Management of ear infections.

Further information at: https://microclearears.com.au/


Bhupendrasinh Parmar - MSW B.Psych

Parmar consults Wednesdays.

For more information please visit: www.thewisemind.com.au


Services Provided


Exercise Physiologist

Megan Soutter

Meg consults on Wednesday afternoons


Meg provides services for private patients ( no referral required) or under the following schemes (GP referral required):

  • Medicare
  • DVA
  • NDIS
  • Workcover
  • CTP
  • Lifetime Care


Initial consult $75

Repeat consult $60

Medicare clients with a valid EPC referral can receive a rebate of $55.10 per consult. Private health rebate is available, however the amount is dependent on health fund and cover. All other schemes will be as per the gazetted rate and incur no fee to the client with a valid GP referral.

Services Provided

Meg is a qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologist who is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals, build capacity and feel empowered to manage their condition independently.

Exercise can help in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and musculoskeletal injuries, maximise post surgical outcomes and recovery rates and facilitate weight, pain and mental health management.

Further detail available at Healthmarq.com.au

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(08) 8295 1890

Opening Hours

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